Tutoring Services


  • Accelerated Instruction in 1:1
  • Cognitive Instruction 1:1 setting
  • Collaboration with schools/classroom teachers
  • Cogmed Working Memory Training - software-based intervention designed to improve working memory in people with attention deficits

How are we different from other tutoring centers? Our multi-dimensional approach ensures that not only do we teach the cognitive skills needed to acquire new information, but that we also provide the accelerated instruction necessary to close the academic achievement gap at a rapid pace. This means we will work to correct the underlying reasons WHY the student is behind, not just place a band-aid on the problem.

Due to the fact that our program is tailored to meet the individual needs of each child, it is essential that we have current, reliable, valid data on our clients. We may ask that results of previous psychoeducational evaluation be provided. Additionally, we may supplement this evaluation with specific testing to understand weaknesses and strengths. Based on this data a prescriptive individualized plan will be created. The plan will outline specific services that will be provided for the student, including estimated duration and educational goals. We provide consistent progress monitoring to ensure instruction is targeted and moving students forward. Should a child not progress, adaptations will put students back on an upward trajectory to provide success.

Depending on students’ needs, we additionally provide remediation in the area of academics. We may begin by working on the development of underlying cognitive skills required to learn such as memory, organization, listening, focus, attention, or processing.